Why gifting plants is the perfect gift?

Are you someone who has to give someone a gift but can never think of the perfect one? We have exactly what you are looking for! A plant can be the best gift you can give someone. How? We have answered the question below!

1. They are better than flowers: A lot of times, on occasions when we don't know what to give the other person we often end up giving them flowers. However, flowers are considered a wasteful gift by many people. Instead, you can give them a plant and that way they can get flowers every season! It is an extremely sustainable gift.

2. Relevant for everyone: Many times when we have to decide on a gift, especially for people we do not know it can be confusing because there are factors such as gender and age that go into the decision-making process. A plant can be a gender-neutral gift and can be useful for people of all ages. Whether it is someone who is close to you, or distant it can be a useful and thoughtful gift. 

3. Health benefits: Having plants in our house can provide you with health benefits. Plants provide these health benefits to the owners. Aloe Vera has a huge range of uses. Apart from this, it can also affect their mental health positively when they are not only in touch with nature but have something to care about. Some people love talking to their plants as well.

Which are some of the plants that you can give? 

1. Bamboo: Bamboo or lucky bamboo is considered auspicious in many cultures. Not only does it hold sentimental value but it is also very easy to grow which makes it convenient for the person you are gifting it to. It is said that a bamboo plant brings prosperity and growth.

2. Money plant: Another plant that can be given to someone, especially for its sentimental value, is the money plant. This green plant is said to bring good fortune to your homes. Not only could this be a good gift for your family members, but also could look thoughtful for someone who is a colleague of yours. They do not require much sunlight or water.

3. Snake plant: If you are looking to give someone a plant that looks pretty, it has to be the snake plant. Snake plants are said to absorb poisonous gases from the air and also eliminate toxicity. They release a very strong protective energy and are a real gift for someone who values energy.

4. Rubber plant: You might have seen rubber plants around houses and gardens. It is very green and looks beautiful as well. It is also a plant that is considered auspicious for money. The owners of this plant can place the plant anywhere in the house. 

5. Peace lily plant: What better flowering plant than a peace lily plant? These flowers are very fragrant and the plant is beautiful as well. They are known to symbolize innocence and purity. It also is known as a plant that purifies the air. When you give someone a peace lily plant it means that you are wanting to give them peace and show them sympathy.

6. Cactus plants: An uncommon plant gift to someone would be a cactus or a succulent. They are very popular nowadays because of how convenient they are to take care of. These plants symbolize toughness and endurance. It is also said that cactus plants keep the negativity away. It can mean good luck to someone or even you can show support to them in times of distress.

There are many reasons to gift plants, and many more types of plants you can gift someone! 


Freya D.