A Trap Raticator Infrared Electronic Rodent Trap Maximum V2

A Trap

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Raticator Infrared Max Mouse & Rat Traputilizes A Revolutionary Infrared Detecting System To Sense The Presence Of A Mouse, Rat, Or Other Rodent. Newly Designed High-tech Delivery System, Including Stainless Steel Kill Pads Housed In An Aesthetic Recycled Plastic Canister, Now Offers A 100% Humane Kill Rate. Features A Larger Chamber That Is Perfect For Larger Rats And Mice On-going Infestations And Commercial Applications.

Key Benefits

  • Infrared Detection That Senses Presence Of Rodent.
  • Leading Edge Electric-shock Delivery System.
  • Delivers Approximately 100 Humane Kills Or One Year’s Battery Life In Standby Mode.

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