A Trap Raticator S-Plus Electronic Rodent Trap 25ea


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The UPGRADED Raticator S-plus v2.0 is an electronic rodent control device that uses household batteries to deliver a lethal, but humane shock to rodents. NOW FEATURING UPGRADED ELECTRONICS and Conformal Coated circuitry, to help prevent corrosion in humid environments. It utilizes 4 “AA” batteries (not included) which will exterminate up to 50 rodents or last approximately 6 months in standby mode. With the NEW Raticator S-Plus v2.0, you can humanely exterminate rats or mice with very little effort. The S-plus utilizes progressive features to provide you with an effective, humane solution to your rodent control problem when compared to all traditional rat trap and mouse trap products. Simply install the batteries, add bait, and place the S-plus where you suspect rodents are located. The red indicator light on top will blink to inform you of a catch. Cleanup is easy. There is no blood or gore, nor poisons to endanger pets or the environment. Meet the high tech replacement for traditional mouse and rat traps. Just slide the dispatched rodent into any appropriate receptacle - NEVER TOUCH A DEAD RODENT AGAIN!

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