Amazing Goop Sealant 3.7 oz

Amazing Goop

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Amazing GOOP Marine has the same toughness, strength and versatility as our other GOOP products but is specially formulated to be UV resistant. It's perfect for outdoor applications on items that will be exposed to sunlight, water or extreme temperatures. Easily bonds to vinyl, rubber, metal, glass, wood and more!
  • Mends tears in seats, cushions, canopies, and boat covers.
  • Seals windshields and around portholes.
  • Repairs rubber dock bumpers and rubber rafts.
  • Repairs windshields and reseals around glass windows.
  • Secures hoses to dock lines and repairs rubber dock bumpers.
  • Mends tears in seats, cushions, canopies and boat covers.
  • Covers battery terminals to avoid accidental sparking.

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