Arborjet Hydretain Moisture Manager Granular 3 lb

Arborjet Hydretain

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This Unique Product Works In The Root Zone To Collect Water Molecules From Humidity In The Soil And Converts Them Into Water Droplets That Plants Are Able To Readily Use. The Proprietary Water Management Technology In Hydretain Is Fueled By Food Grade Hygroscopic Humectant Compounds And Enhanced By A Naturally Derived Soil Surfactant. Hydretain Will Optimize The Use Of Water And Minimize Drought Stress And Stronger, Healthier Plants. In This Granular Formulation, An Organic Compost Carrier Is Added To Provide Seamless Application When Using Any Standard Spreader Equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Better Water Retention: Help Your Grass, Plants, Flowers, And Vegetables Better Retain Water To Reduce The Need For Watering.
  • Reduces Watering: Cuts The Need For Watering Up To 50-percent, Helping You Conserve Water During Dry Spells.
  • Uses Every Drop: Retains Water That Would Otherwise Be Lost To Natural Evaporation And Redirects It To Your Plants' Root Structures.

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