Back To The Roots Organic Mushroom Grow Kit Discovery Edition

Back To The Roots

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The Award-winning Back To The Roots Mushroom Grow Kit Is The Easiest Way To Grow Organic, Gourmet Mushrooms At Home. Just Add Water And Watch Your Mushrooms Grow Right Out Of The Only 10 Days! This Mushroom Grow Kit Comes With Everything You Need To Grow, Including The Organic Spawn, A Spray Bottle, Free Access To Online Stem Curriculum, And A Fun Discovery Book That Takes You On An Incredible 10-day Fungi Adventure! Organic Oyster Mushrooms Taste Great In Tacos, Pizzas, Soups, And So Much More. It’s The Perfect, Unique Gardening Gift, And Is 100% Guaranteed To Grow. Grows Multiple Crops. Easy To Gift - Leasts Unopened For At Least In The Box.

Kay Benefits

  • 100% Organic And Non-gmo: There's No Need To Worry About Intoxicants That May Hinder Your Plant's Growth Because The Back To The Roots Mushroom Growing Kit Is Completely Organic And Not Genetically Modified; You Can Cook Them However You Want Or Add Them To Your Favorite Dishes.
  • Grow Your Plant All Year-round: This Organic Mushroom Indoor Kit Allows You To Grow Your Own Crop All-year Round; Just Place The Box Near A Window With Indirect Light, Mist Twice A Day, And You'll See Delicious, Beautiful Mushrooms Growing Within A Week; Included In This Kit Is An Organic Plant-based Soil Infused With Mushroom Spawn And A Booklet With Instructions.
  • Convenient And Easy: Mushrooms Are One Of The Easiest To Grow Indoors; All You Need To Do Is Open, Spray Daily With The Included Mister, And In 10 Days You'll Be Harvesting Your Own Mushrooms Right Out Of The Box; Each Crop Produces Three To Four Servings Of Mushrooms, And Each Box Can Grow Up Two Crops.

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