Ball Regular Mouth Storage Lid


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Ball one-piece leak-proof lids feature a one-piece, screw-on design that is leak-proof, airtight, AND freezer and dishwasher safe. Store your favorite recipes in iconic Ball jars and secure with Ball leak-proof storage lids. The airtight seal is perfect for herbs, spices, on-the-go salads, smoothies, and more and is freezer safe for storing jam recipes, sauces, and soups.
  • These lids are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe - just remember to never expose any plastic parts to high heat.
  • The locking lid also greatly reduces spills as it covers all the contents inside!
  • Now, is your head swimming with thoughts about how to keep these things fresh.
  • Try our easy-to-use Regular Mouth Storage Lids on your paint cans before they find themselves in storage!
  • The perfect lids for a variety of storage baskets, from cereal bowls to Tupperware.

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