Bar Keepers Friend Citrus Scent Hard Surface Cleaner Foam 25.4 oz

Bar Keepers Friend

Title: 25.4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
Sale price$7.49


Bar Keepers Friend More Spray Foam Cleaner Removes More From Most Hard, Non-porous Surfaces. Quick, Easy And Effective Unique Dual-option Trigger Allows Product To Spray Or Foam Plus Works Upside-down Formulated With A Blend Of Mild Acids (Oxalic And Citric) And Superior Detergents, More Spray Foam Can Be Used On A Broad Range Of Acid-resistant Surfaces Including Sinks, Shower Stalls, Toilet Bowls And Urinals, Grout, Ceramic Tile Walls And Floors, Drinking Fountains, Locker Rooms And Many Other Surfaces. Much Better For Stainless Steel Than Cleaners Containing Bleach.

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