Bosmere Pot Toes - 12pk - Bag - Black - Supports 4 Pots


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Supports all pot shapes and sizes. Also, can be used to level pots on sloping surfaces. Prevents stains and rotting to decks and patios and promotes healthier plants with good drainage. Supports up to 500lbs. Will support four pots.

Key Benefits

  • PREVENT STAINS AND ROT – The Bosmere Pot toes work on all surfaces to prevent stains and water damage by allowing air to flow under your plants and allowing excess water to drain away. Protect decks, patios, greenhouses, and flooring.
  • WORKS ON ALL POTS – Pot Toes work on all pots and planters regardless of shape and size. With a weight limit of 500 pounds, it can hold the largest of plants.
  • LEVEL POTS ON UNEVEN SURFACE – Features interlocking grooves so you can stack them to level pots and planters that are sitting on an uneven surface.
  • HEALTHIER PLANTS – Pot Toes keep your pots and plants off the surface to allow for drainage and air flow, which leads to healthier plants.
  • Bosmere is a family owned business that has been bringing you fine British garden products for over 30 years. We believe everyone can be a gardener, but why not do it with finely crafted tools and products made to classic British standards?

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