Combat Max Ant Killer Syringe 0.95 oz.


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Combat Max Ant Killing Gel Helps You Get Rid Of Ants In Just Three To Five Days. It’s Formulated To Attract Ants Quickly, While Its Fast-acting Insecticide, Fipronil, One Of The Most Powerful Ant Killers, Starts To Exterminate Ants In Hours. Worker Ants Return To The Colony And Feed The Bait To The Larvae And To The Queen, Eliminating The Entire Ant Colony. This Gel Is Easy To Use So You Can Apply It In Cracks, Crevices And Other Hard-to-reach Places. Combat Max Ant Killing Gel Is Effective Against Carpenter, Pharaoh, Argentine, Cornfield, Odorous House, Thief, Pavement, White Footed, And Little Black Ants.

Key Benefits

  • Child Resistant.
  • Leaves Little To No Mess.
  • Gel Bait Kills Ants And The Entire Colony.
  • High Water Content Encourages Faster Feeding, So It Starts Killing Within Hour.
  • Provides Fast Control Of Ants Within 3 To 5 Days.
  • Syringe Applicator Lets You Place The Gel In Hard To Reach Areas Where Ants Travel, Such As Cracks And Crevices.
  • Easy To Use.

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