Corry's Slug & Snail Copper Tape Barrier Repellent 15ft


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This Product Provides A Barrier In Areas Where Snails And Slugs Intrude. As Their Slime Secretions React With The Tape, They Receive A Mild, But Unpleasant Sensation. The Tape Works Well In Areas Prone To Infestation, Such As Greenhouses, Raised Flower Beds, Flower Boxes, Trees, Vines, And Potted Plants. Each Pack Includes 15 Feet Of Tape. Directions: Tear Off The Paper Backing From The Copper Tape.

Key Benefits

  • Corry's Slug And Snail Copper Tape Barrier 15ft Designed To Repel Slugs, Snails, And Act As A Barrier To Movement Into Areas You Wish To Protect From Damage.
  • This Product Contains No Pesticides.
  • This Product Is Easy To Apply On Clean, Dry Surfaces Such As Raised Flower Beds, Flower Boxes, Trees, Vines, Potted And Container Plants.
  • Slug And Snail Copper Tape Barrier.
  • Repels Slugs And Snails With A Natural Electrical Charge.

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