Dalen Gardeneer Bird-x Protective Netting Black 14ftx14 Ft


Sale price$13.79


Protects fruit and berries from thieving birds and other garden pests. Strong and durable 3/4 polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors.
  • A Must In Your Garden: Tired Of Not Being Able To Enjoy Your Delicious Berries Because Some Little Bird Got To Them Before You Even Got The Chance To Have A Taste? The Gardeneer By Dalen Bird Netting Is A Perfect Solution!
  • Highest Quality Mesh: This Garden Netting Is Made In Usa With Premium Quality, Heavy Duty 5/8" Polypropylene Mesh With Uv Inhibitors, A Special Material Which Is Weatherproof, Not Easy To Tear And Guaranteed To Withstand The Test Of Time.
  • Protect Your Crops: Whether A Professional Gardener Or You Simply Enjoy Growing Your Own Organic Fruits And Veggies, This Bird Net Is An Excellent Choice For Protecting Your Plants, Berries, Cherries, Crops, Fruit Trees, Bushes, Shrubs Or Flowers!
  • Humane Alternative: Unlike Similar Products On The Market, This Bird Netting For Garden Contains No Chemicals Or Toxins, Being Completely Harmless For Birds And Small Animals. A Safe And Animal-friendly Way Of Enjoying Your Garden, Without Harming Wildlife!
  • Easy Diy Installation: : The Gardeneer By Dalen Plant Netting Is Available In 5 Different Sizes According To Your Individual Needs, And Features A User-friendly Design, Being Easy To Install Without Requiring Expensive Handymen Or Professional Tools.

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