DampRid Easy Fill Moisture Absorber Refill No Scent 42 oz


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DampRid refill packs are quick and easy to use. Use one 10.5 Oz. in the refillable moisture absorber and the Easy-Fill system any room moisture absorber or two 10.5 Oz. in the Easy-Fill system large room moisture absorber. Simply follow the refill directions below for each product. DampRid eliminates the excess moisture in the air that causes musty odors and creates fresher, cleaner air
  • Attracts And Traps Excess Moisture: Damprid Easy Fill Refills Attract And Trap Excess Moisture Out Of The Air, Are Mess-free, And Easy To Use.
  • Eliminates Musty Odors: Damprid Eliminates Odors By Absorbing Excess Moisture Out Of The Air That Creates Unpleasant, Musty Smells.
  • Perfect For Closets, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, Pantries, Storage, Basements, Garages, Stored Boats And RVs.
  • Long-lasting Freshness: Each 10.5-ounce Easy Refill Last Up To 60 Days, Depending On Temperature And Humidity; 4 Available In Each Pack.
  • Easy To Use: Simply Remove Lid From Your Empty Moisture Absorber Canister And Drop A Refill Pack Into The Crystal Tray, Then Replace The Lid. No Pouring Involved.
  • Refill for DampRid System.
  • No loose formula.

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