DAP Blue Stik Low Strength Latex Adhesive Putty 1 oz


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Get creative with this Dap BlueStick Reusable Adhesive putty. No more worrying about holes in walls, and no more chipped, peeled paint. This removable blue adhesive putty replaces tape, tacks, staples, and magnets. The moisture-resistant putty won't dry out and is non-toxic. This reusable adhesive putty is packaged in a new, resealable bag that keeps the product clean and fresh for optimal adhesion and reuse. It sticks just about anything to slick or hard surfaces such as wood, tile, glass, concrete, porcelain, metal, and painted surfaces. This latex adhesive putty can fasten decorations, posters, notes, and paintings.

Key Benefits

  • Replaces tape, tacks, staples, and magnets on several surfaces
  • Reusable design--Enjoy multiple hangables throughout its lifetime
  • Non toxic, medium strength adhesive
  • Moisture resistant
  • Removable and easy to clean

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