Diamond Ohio Blue Tip Matches, 1pk, 250 ct


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Diamond Greenlight Strike on Box Kitchen Matches feature a wood splint that is longer and thicker than a penny match for a longer burn time. Strike on the box to light.
  • Strike On Box Matches: You'll Be Ready To Light The Fire With These Wooden Matches; This Box Contains 250 Matches That Are Ready To Strike On The Box; They're Extra Thick For A Longer Burn Time.
  • Reusable Box: These Matches Come In A Reusable Container Made From Reusable Tin Plated Steel; Each Match Is Made From Responsibly Managed Forests In Minnesota And Wisconsin For Superior Quality.
  • Easy To Use: These Matches Are Your Perfect Companion Whether You're Camping In The Woods Or Hosting A Barbecue Party At Home; Their Size Makes Them Perfect For Lighting Candles, Grills, Or Gas Stoves.
  • Sustainably Sourced: These Sturdy And Dependable Matches Are Made From 100 Percent Aspen Wood Grown In Responsibly Managed Forests And Packaged Using 100 Percent Recycled Materials.

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