Down To Earth Fish Bone Meal 5 lb

Down To Earth

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Fish Bone Meal Is A Marine Based Alternative To Traditional Steamed Bone Meal.

Key Benefits

  • Down To Earth Fish Bone Meal Is A Five Pound Box Of Fertilizer With 4-12-0 Formula And Is Listed By The Organic Materials Review Institute (Omri) For Use In Organic Production.
  • Marine-based Alternative To Traditional Steamed Bone Meal And Is A Great Source Of Organic Phosphorus And Calcium And Wonderful For All Flowering Plants, Trees And Shrubs.
  • As One Of The Three Big Nutrients For Plants, Phosphorous Plays A Role In Both Root And Bloom Development, Which Helps Produce Premium Fruit And Flowers.
  • Phosphorus Helps Plants Take To New Soil By Boosting Root Development And Strong Root Development Means Plants Will Grow Faster And Be Healthier Because They Can Absorb More Water And Nutrients From The Soil.
  • The Backbone Of Most Of Our Fertilizer Blends And Contains A Small Amount Of Organic Nitrogen And Is An Ideal Fertilizer For New Garden Beds, Perennials And Bulbs.

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