Down To Earth Shrimp Meal All Natural Fertilizer Ap Organic 6-6-0, 2 Lb

Down To Earth

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Down To Earth™ Shrimp Meal 6-6-0 is an excellent all-purpose fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium. It is wonderful for use on all types of garden vegetables, flowers and herbs. A valuable byproduct of the fresh Pacific shrimp processing industry, finely ground DTE™ Shrimp Meal 6-6-0 will break down rapidly in the soil to promote vigorous plant growth and development.
  • Down to Earth Shrimp Meal is a two pound box of all natural fertilizer with 6-6-0 formula and is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production
  • Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium, Shrimp Meal is wonderful for all types of garden vegetables, flowers, herbs and ornamentals and also acts as an exceptional compost bio-activator
  • An excellent all purpose organic fertilizer derived from ground Pacific Northwest shrimp shells
  • Shrimp Meal stimulates the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms and is rich in chitin, a natural polysaccharide that can help plants develop healthy immune responses
  • Similar to crab meal, it has a finer texture and is slightly more available to soil

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