Dr. Earth Rose & Flower Fertilizer 4-6-2, 1 Lb. Bag

Dr. Earth

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Dr. Earth Rose & Flower Fertilizer 4-6-2 is a 100% organic formula that provides optimum levels of essential plant nutrients including important micronutrients and minerals. Dr. Earth Rose & Flower Fertilizer promotes superior buds and blooms with more natural available phosphorus. This fast acting fertilizer introduces a broad spectrum of beneficial soil microbes and 8 select micorrhizae strains that develop a symbiotic relationship with the root system multiplying your plants' ability to obtain and utilize more nutrients and moisture. Ingredients: Wild-caught Alaskan Fish Bone
  • No synthetic chemicals, chicken manure or toxic ingredients.
  • Handcrafted from feed grade ingredients. Enriched with organic nutrients found naturally in land plants, ocean plants, fish, fish bones and mined minerals from the earth to promote rich and healthy soil.
  • Infused with TruBiotic® technology to ensure organic nutrients are broken down and released in the soil, contributing to drought tolerance, enhanced nutrient availability and increased plant performance.
  • Sustainably through a collaboration of high level environmentalists inspired to positively change the world

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