Eleanor's VF-11 Plant Food .15-.85-.55 Combo Pack (1-16oz and 1-8oz)


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The Most Effective, Groundwater Safe Plant Food On The Market. Created Over Many Years By A German Botanist, Vf-11 Has Unique Properties. The Nutrients, While Low In Concentration, Are Readily Available To All Plants And Easily Absorbed. This Is Due To The Electrolyte Balance In The Formulation, Resulting In Minimized Competition Amongst Minerals For Absorption. Low Concentration Of Minerals Eliminates The Toxic Build Up Of Salts In The Soil, Creating A Hospitable Environment For Short And Long Term Growth.

Key Benefits

  • Works Great For Indoor/outdoor Plants, With Hydroponics And For Transplants.
  • Vf-11 Takes The Burden Off Of Those Who Want To Feed Their Plants Without Harming Our Ecosystem.

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