Enviro Scram For Cats Granular Repellent Quarter Pallet Display 3.5 lb


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The Enviro Scram For Cats Granular Repellent is a highly effective solution to deter cats from unwanted areas in your home or garden. This quarter pallet display contains 3.5 lb of granular repellent, providing ample supply to cover a large area. The granules are made from natural ingredients that are safe for cats and the environment. Simply sprinkle the granules in areas where you want to discourage cats from entering, such as flower beds, gardens, or other restricted areas. The strong scent of the granules acts as a deterrent, making cats avoid the treated areas. This granular repellent is easy to use, long-lasting, and provides a humane way to protect your space from unwanted cat activity.

Key Benefits

  • Effectively deters cats from unwanted areas
  • Quarter pallet display with 3.5 lb of granular repellent
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Safe for cats and the environment
  • Easy to use by simply sprinkling in desired areas
  • Long-lasting and provides a humane solution

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