EZ Nectar Happy Hummers Hummingbird Nectar, 33.8 Oz. RTU

EZ Nectar

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Eznectar Is The Only Ready-to-use Hummingbird Nectar, Exactly Like Flower Nectar. Patented Because It Is All-natural, And Ready-to-use, Containing No Dyes, No Preservatives, And No Electrolytes. Sometimes Preservatives Are Called Electrolytes. Preservative And Electrolyte Additives Are Not Part Of A Hummingbirds Dietary Needs. Eznectar Uses Only Pure Cane Sugar And Filtered Water -- It Is 100% Pure. Your Hummingbirds Will Love It -- We Guarantee It!

Key Benefits

  • Eznectar Will Donate 100% Of Its Profits To Healthy Bird And Pollinator Preservation Causes.
  • Now, Finally Available! The Only Ready-to-use Hummingbird "Just Like Flower" Nectar.
  • U.s. Patented Because It Is Sugar & Water Only, And Ready-to-use. No Chemical Preservatives Or Dyes.
  • Eznectar Uses Only Pure Cane Sugar And Filtered Water - 100% Pure. Healthy Alternative To Homemade!
  • Requires No Mixing. It's Ready-to-use! "One-of-a-kind". Simply Pour Into Existing Feeder.

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