Fertilome Gardener's Special 11-15-11 - 15lb


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Specially formulated for all types of gardening practices such as growing vegetables, roses, flowers, ornamental shrubs, trees, etc. The 11-15-11 formulation provides a generous supply of plant nutrients that are needed for plant growth.

Key Benefits

  • An excellent all-purpose plant food that contains both fast and slow release nitrogen. Contains necessary trace elements to aid in development of plant and crop yield. These elements need to be replenished since they are quickly depleted by the high use and demand on the soil by vegetable plants.
  • Controls damaging diseases like Black Spot, Rust, Blights and more. See label for full list.
  • Designed for outdoor use on roses, flowers, ornamental shrubs, fruits, nuts, vegetables and lawns.
  • Most effective as a fungicide when it is used to prevent diseases before they appear.
  • Comes in a ready to use spray bottle allowing for a quick and easy application.

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