Fertilome Hibiscus & Tropical Plant Food 17-7-10 - 4lb - Bag


Title: 4 lbs.
Sale price$11.99


Fast acting hibiscus and tropical plant food. Enhances the size, color and quantity of blooms. Special formulation for tropicals and hibiscus that stimulate long lasting, vibrant blossoms.

Key Benefits

  • This specialized tropical plant food enhances the size, color, and quantity of blooms.
  • The fertilizer works great on Hibiscus and other tropical flowering plants and trees.
  • Apply every other week, until blooms appear, then apply once per month during bloom time.
  • 17-7-10 fertilizer contains 17% Nitrogen, 7% Phosphate, and 10% Potassium, and other nutrients.
  • Application varies by dimension and container plants. See label for application instruction.

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