Fertilome Over the Top II Weed and Grass Killer RTU Liquid, 8 oz


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Poast herbicide is absorbed by foliage and travels through entire plant, slows or stops growth within two days. Controls annual and perennial grass weeds. Systemic selective broad spectrum post-emergent herbicide that can be sprayed over desired plants listed to control annual and perennial grasses. Can be used on vegetables, gardens, trees, and more.

Key Benefits

  • This selective grass killer is designed to target both annual and perennial grass weeds.
  • The product can be applied to around vegetables, gardens, trees, shrubs and ornamentals safely.
  • Stops growth of weed grasses 2 days following application.
  • This concentrate make 8 Gallons of spray solution.
  • Application varies by dimension, application method. See label for application instruction.

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