Fox Run Clear/Yellow Glass/Plastic Glass Baster

Fox Run

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The Fox Run Clear/Yellow Glass/Plastic Glass Baster is a versatile kitchen tool designed for basting and flavoring a variety of dishes. It features a clear glass tube with volume markings, allowing you to easily measure and control the amount of liquid you dispense. The baster also has a yellow plastic bulb that provides a comfortable grip and allows you to easily draw up and release liquids. With its dual-function design, you can use the glass tube for high-heat applications such as basting roasts and turkeys, while the plastic bulb is perfect for adding sauces and marinades to delicate dishes. The Fox Run Glass Baster is durable, easy to clean, and a convenient tool for enhancing the flavors of your favorite recipes.

Key Features

  • Versatile kitchen tool for basting and flavoring dishes.
  • Clear glass tube with volume markings for easy measurement and control.
  • Yellow plastic bulb provides a comfortable grip and easy liquid dispensing.
  • Dual-function design: glass tube for high-heat applications, plastic bulb for delicate dishes.
  • Durable and easy to clean.

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