Foxfarm Grow Big Hydroponic Liquid Plant Food 3-2-6, 1 Pt. Bottle


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FoxFarm Grow Big Hydroponic Liquid Plant Food 3-2-6 was created with the hydroponic gardener in mind. This powerful, quick-acting, water-soluble fertilizer promotes robust growth beginning the first week and continuing through bud set. FoxFarm Grow Big Hydroponic Liquid Plant Food 3-2-6 contains Norwegian kelp, earthworm castings, nutrients, and trace minerals that promote sturdy healthy stems and leaves while also encouraging branching that is important later for a greater number of buds and blooms.
  • A three-pack of favorite liquid fertilizers from FoxFarm
  • Grow Big produces lush, vegetative, compact growth
  • Tiger Bloom is an ultra-potent, fast-acting, high-phosphorus fertilizer
  • Big Bloom Plant Food concentrate is ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants

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