Foxfarm OMRI Happy Frog Citrus & Avocado Fertilizer 7-3-3, 4 Lb. Bag


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Grow delicious lemons, oranges, and avocadoes by keeping your plants healthy. The FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Citrus and Avocado Plant Fertilizer is specifically formulated for indoor or outdoor lemon, orange, and avocado trees. This natural formula includes nitrogen for robust vegetative growth, so you can enjoy a juicy orange or a ripe avocado straight from your own garden. Calcium and sulfur in the fertilizer help improve the health of your citrus or avocado trees. Mycorrhizal fungi in the formula help increase root efficiency, which may result in better nutrient uptake and water absorption. This 4-pound bag of 7-3-3 fertilizer is a great option for potted or outdoor citrus and avocado trees. These plants require specific nutrients, and the best way to enjoy a zesty lemon or fresh avocado is to keep your trees healthy. Help your lemon grove or avocado plant thrive with the FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Citrus and Avocado Tree Fertilizer.

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