Foxfarm OMRI Happy Frog Fruit & Flower Fertilizer 4 Lb. Bag


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Give your garden the nutrients they need. Grow beautiful flowers and delicious fruits with the FoxFarm FX14650 Happy Frog Organic Fruit and Flower Fertilizer. This fertilizer is ready to use and features a blend with the nutrition your plants need most. Mycorrhizal fungi in the formula help increase root efficiency, which may result in better nutrient uptake and improved water absorption from the roots of your plants. This mix specifically includes phosphorus for fruit and flower development. The mix also contains nitrogen, which is essential for supporting growth through the end of the season. The OMRI-certified 4-9-3 fertilizer from FoxFarm is made for organic gardening. This 4-pound bag provides plenty of fertilizer for raised beds and other gardens. Whether you are growing apples or a cut flower garden for bouquets, this formula is designed to help you grow healthy, vibrant plants. Help your garden thrive with the FoxFarm FX14650 Happy Frog Fruit and Flower Fertilizer.
  • Ideal For Fruits & Flowers: Happy Frog Fertilizer For Fruit And Flowers Specifically Designed With Essential Nutrients
  • Contains Essential Nutrients: Mix Provides Phosphorus For Fruit And Flower Development And Nitrogen For Growth Support
  • Higher Nutrient Intake: Mycorrhizal Fungi Help Increase Root Efficiency For Improved Nutrient Uptake
  • Stronger Root Systems: May Improve Water Absorption In Various Root Systems
  • Features: Omri-listed For Organic Fruit And Flower Gardens; Npk Nitrogen: 4; Npk Phosphorus: 9; Npk Potassium: 3; Size: 4-pound Bag

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