Foxfarm OMRI Happy Frog Jump Start Fertilizer 3-4-3 4 Lb. Bag


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If you want to be a happy tomato or vegetable grower, this 4-pound bag of FoxFarm Happy Frog Jump Start Fertilizer is full of the good stuff. Happy Frog Jump Start Fertilizer is formulated for use on transplanted seedlings and re-potted container plants. This proprietary mix of fertilizers supplies phosphorus, a nutrient necessary for the early stages of plant growth. It also contains calcium, which may help build stronger cell walls and boost the plant’s ability to resist disease. Mycorrhizal fungi are included to help increase root efficiency, which may enhance nutrient uptake and water absorption. OMRI Listed, Happy Frog Fertilizers are crafted for organic gardening. To really get things bloomin', add this FoxFarm Happy Frog Fertilizer to your nutrient collection.
  • Transplants And Re-pots: Precisely Designed For Use On All Transplanted Seedlings And Re-potted Containers
  • Stronger Plant Cell Walls: Contains Calcium Which Helps Prevent Blossom End Rot And Boosts Stronger Cell Walls, Helping Plants Fight Off Disease
  • Organic Ingredients: Comprised Of Ingredients Like Bat Guano, Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Fish Meal, And Naturally Occurring Material That Is Formed When Organic Matter Decomposes
  • Beneficial Fungus: Specifically Designed To Supply Essential Nutrients For Luscious Fruit And Flower Development; Mycorrhizal Fungi Are Included To Help Increase Root Efficiency

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