Foxfarm Open Sesame Soluble Fertilizer 5-45-19 6 Oz. Jar


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Foxfarm Open Sesame Soluble Fertilizer Is A High-phosphorus Soluble Fertilizer That's Designed To Bring Plants Into Bloom At Your Command. Open Sesame Provides The Optimal Level Of Nutrition With Minimal Salts And Other Residue Buildups. Whether You're Growing In Hydroponic Systems, Containers, Or Gardening In Ordinary Soil, Open Sesame Will Go Right To Work At The Root Zone And Deliver Targeted Nutrients When The Plants Need Them The Most.

Key Benefits

  • This New Early Flowering Formula Is Designed To Bring Plants Into Bloom.
  • Open Sesame Delivers A Specific Micronutrient Pack At Just The Right Moment.
  • Contains 5-percent Nitrogen, 45-percent Phosphorus And 19-percent Potassium.
  • Comes With One Year Warranty.

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