Foxfarm Tiger Bloom Liquid Plant Food 2-8-4 1Gal. Bottle


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Tiger Bloom is a low salt, 80% organic fertilizer with chelated minerals. To facilitate easy and immediate absorption this formula is biologically active. It creates a huge flower canopy, massive bud set, prolongs the flowering stage. Tiger Bloom contains just the right amount of Nitrogen to ensure sturdy lush greenery, growth and vigor as well as producing intense color and blossoming, and dark, dense cell tissue. Perfect to use on any plant at the time of flowering.
  • Tiger bloom vicious bloomer is especially designed for both soil and hydroponic applications
  • Ultra potent, fast acting, high phosphorous fertilizer which stimulates growth and vigor
  • Promotes abundant fruit, flower and multiple bud set
  • Contains 2-percent nitrogen, 8-percent phosphorus and 4-percent potassium

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