Gila Clear Indoor Window Film Application Kit 11.25 in.


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DIY projects should be satisfying, not frustrating. Our complete window film application kit contains 4 items to help with exactly that a generously sized bottle of application solution, a hard plastic card to smooth bubbles, a lint-free cloth to whisk away debris without leaving more behind and a trimming tool made for safety and accuracy.
  • Works With Any Residential Window Film: Created For Better Results, Whether You're Working With Longer Lasting Adhesive Film Or Reusable Static Cling Film.
  • Ready-to-use Solution: Packaged In A 16oz Spray-trigger Bottle. Our Ready-to-use Solution Is Great For Preparing The Glass Prior To Film Installation And Helps With Application Of The Film To The Glass.
  • Includes A Low-lint Cloth: Reduce The Hidden Particles And Debris Before You Install The Film.
  • Easy-to-use Film Trimming Tool: Self-spacing And Provides The Recommended 1/16" Spacing Along The Edges Of The Window.
  • Hard Card Squeegee For Easy Installation: The 3" X 4" Hard Card Squeegee Makes It Easy To Apply The Film To The Glass And Extract The Application Solution Used During The Install To Help Ensure No Water Bubbles Are Left Behind.

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