Gilmour Pivoting Swivel Pattern Sprinkler with Metal Spike Base Eggplant


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The Gilmour Pivoting Swivel Pattern Sprinkler with Metal Spike Base in Eggplant color is a reliable and efficient tool for watering your lawn or garden. This sprinkler features a pivoting swivel design that allows you to adjust the spray pattern and direction, providing even and thorough coverage. The metal spike base ensures stability and durability, allowing the sprinkler to stay securely in place during operation. With its versatile pattern options, including full circle, half circle, and square, you can customize the watering pattern to suit your specific needs. The sprinkler is made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Enhance your watering routine with the Gilmour Pivoting Swivel Pattern Sprinkler.

Key Benefits:

  • Pivoting swivel design for adjustable spray pattern and direction
  • Metal spike base for stability and durability
  • Versatile pattern options for customized watering
  • High-quality materials for long-lasting performance
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions

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