Gilmour Pro Brass Dual Shut-Off Valve


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The Gilmour Pro Brass Dual Shut-Off Valve is a premium-quality solution for effectively controlling water flow in your outdoor watering system. Crafted from durable brass material, this shut-off valve offers exceptional strength and longevity, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding conditions. It features dual shut-off valves that allow you to independently control the water flow to two separate hoses or sprinklers. The large and ergonomic valve handles provide a comfortable grip and smooth operation, making it easy to adjust the water flow even with wet hands. With its high flow design, this valve ensures efficient water distribution and optimal performance of your watering equipment. Whether you need to water different areas of your garden or connect multiple watering devices, the Gilmour Pro Brass Dual Shut-Off Valve is a versatile and dependable choice for managing your outdoor watering needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Premium-quality brass construction for exceptional durability
  • Dual shut-off valves for independent control of two hoses or sprinklers
  • Large and ergonomic valve handles for comfortable grip and smooth operation
  • High flow design for efficient water distribution
  • Compatible with various watering devices and systems

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