Green King Deep Drip Watering Stake Brown 8 In

Green King

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The 8 In. Deep Drip® Watering Stakes From Green King Are Designed To Efficiently And Effectively Water Your Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, And Other Small Garden Plants Directly At The Roots. They Help Conserve Up To 50% Of Your Outdoor Water Use By Avoiding Water Loss From Evaporation And Run-off. The Deep Drip® Watering Stakes Also Allow You To Aerate And Fertilize The Roots And Soil Of Your Plants.

Key Benefits

  • Help Conserve Up To 50% Of Your Outdoor Water Use.
  • Country Of Origin: USA.
  • Deep Watering Promotes Deeper Roots And Helps With Weed Control.
  • Good For New, Established, And Struggling Plants.
  • Integrated Plastic Filter Keeps Dirt And Rocks Out.
  • Stake Can Be Easily Removed Or Repositioned.

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