Grow More Bromeliad Fertilizer Plant Food 17-8-22 1.25 lb

Grow More

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The Grow More 17-8-22 Bromeliad Plant Food Is A Special Formula That Is Recommended For All Types Of Bromeliaceous Plants. The Type Of Plant That Has Fleshy Leaves, A Funnel And Can Hold Water, This Includes Tillandsias And Guzmanias. This Type Of Fertilizer Formula Slowly Releases Organic Nitrogen Source Together With Other Nutrients That The Plants Need. This Plant Food Is Perfect For Plants With Cupped And Hairy Leaf Surfaces That Can Hold Water Between Rains.

Key Benefits

  • Premium Quality.
  • Use Indoor Or Outdoor For Showy Flowers In Branched Leaf Clusters And Handsomely Marked Flower Clusters.
  • Imported From USA.

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