Grow More EZ Wet Soil Penetrate 1gal

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Enhance the water absorption of your soil with Grow More EZ Wet Soil Penetrate. This 1-gallon container of ready-to-use solution is designed to improve water penetration in your garden or landscape. The unique formula contains organic surfactants that help break down compacted soil and reduce surface tension, allowing water to penetrate deeply and reach the root zone more effectively. By improving soil moisture distribution, Grow More EZ Wet Soil Penetrate helps prevent water runoff and dry spots, ensuring your plants receive adequate hydration for healthy growth. Make watering more efficient and maximize the benefits of irrigation with Grow More EZ Wet Soil Penetrate.

Key Benefits

  • Improves water penetration in compacted soil.
  • Reduces surface tension for more effective water distribution.
  • Prevents water runoff and dry spots in the soil.
  • Enhances soil moisture distribution for optimal plant hydration.
  • Ready-to-use solution for convenient application.

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