Grow More Orchid Food Urea Free Fertilizer 20-10-20 1.25lb

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Introducing Grow More Orchid Food, the ultimate nourishment for your stunning orchids! Unleash the full potential of your beloved floral beauties with our Urea-Free Fertilizer in the perfect 20-10-20 formula. With a 1.25lb pack of pure plant magic, you're equipped to witness a symphony of vibrant colors, robust growth, and blossoms that will leave you breathless. Say goodbye to wilted petals and hello to an orchid paradise with Grow More Orchid Food. It's time to give your precious orchids the royal treatment they deserve!

Key Benefits

  • This premium orchid fertilizer is urea free
  • Good nitrogen availability under wide range of temperature and climate conditions
  • Water soluble feedings result in many blooms, healthy, long lived Orchids
  • 20-10-20 Formulation
  • Available in 1.25-pound jar

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