Grow More Organic Iron Chelate 10% 8oz

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Revitalize your plants with the power of nature using Grow More Organic Iron Chelate! Carefully crafted to provide a natural solution to iron deficiency, this remarkable 8-ounce bottle packs a punch with a potent 10% concentration. Made from organic sources, this iron chelate formula ensures optimal iron uptake by your plants, promoting healthy green foliage and combating those unsightly yellow leaves. Watch as your garden flourishes with renewed vibrancy, as the essential iron nourishes and strengthens each precious plant. Give your garden the organic boost it deserves with Grow More Organic Iron Chelate and witness the transformative effects of nature's own remedy. It's time to bring back the lushness and vitality to your plants, naturally.

Key Benefits

  • Chelated Iron
  • For outdoor and indoor plants
  • Organic based
  • Helps stop yellow leaf
  • Soil foliage applied

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