Grow More Super Bloomer Water Soluble Fertilizer Concentrate 15-30-15 5Lb Bag

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Boost the flowering potential of your plants with Grow More Super Bloomer Water Soluble Fertilizer Concentrate. This 5-pound bag contains a powerful formula with a concentrated blend of nutrients, featuring a 15-30-15 ratio. Designed to promote abundant blooms and vibrant flowers, this water-soluble fertilizer provides a balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The higher phosphorus content stimulates flower production, while the balanced nutrient ratio supports overall plant health and vigor. Simply mix the concentrate with water as directed and apply to your plants for impressive blooming results. With Grow More Super Bloomer, you'll enjoy a colorful and flourishing garden.

Key Benefits

  • Concentrated formula promotes abundant and vibrant blooms.
  • Features a balanced 15-30-15 ratio of essential nutrients.
  • Stimulates flower production for impressive floral displays.
  • Supports overall plant health and vigor.
  • Easy-to-use water-soluble fertilizer concentrate.

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