Hi-Yield Garden Pet and Livestock Dust Dust Insect Killer 4 lb


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Hi-yield 32202 garden, pet and livestock dust 4 lb safely and effectively controls a variety of common pests. use it on ornamentals, vegetables, gardens, fruit and nut trees, as well as pets and livestock. dust controls beetles, colorado potato beetles and borers on listed plants. on cattle and horses, it controls horn flies, lice and face flies. apply to cats and dogs to prevent fleas, ticks and lice. permethrin.
  • Multipurpose Dust Can Be Used On Plants And Animals.
  • Contains Permethrin.
  • Safe For Pet Dogs And Cats.
  • Use On Ornamental Plants, Vegetables And Fruit Trees.
  • This insecticide also provides control on vegetables, trees, shrubs, flowers and ornamentals.

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