Hi-Yield Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide Concentrate - 32oz


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Hi-Yield Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide, manufactured by VPG, is a concentrate insecticide that offers a quick knockdown of indoor and outdoor pests like cockroaches, termites, and many other species of pests. This effective formulation, contains permethrin 10.0%, which helps to quickly remove pests by inhibiting their central nervous system leading to paralysis and death.

Key Benefits

  • Residential, industrial, commercial, and other non-agricultural lawns and ornamental plants,
  • Ants, aphids, bagworms, beetles, carpet beetles, centipedes, cicadas, cockroaches, crickets
  • For use in indoors in homes, outdoors in home gardens (on listed fruits and vegetables)
  • Hi-Yield Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide with Permethrin controls a wide variety of turf,

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