Hydrodynamics Root Riot Bag 50 pk


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Give your plants the perfect start with Hydrodynamics Root Riot Bag. This pack includes 50 root riot bags, specially designed to promote healthy and robust root development, ensuring successful propagation and transplantation for your plants.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Root Growth: Hydrodynamics Root Riot Bags provide the ideal environment for root growth, encouraging strong and well-established root systems.
  • Propagation Support: These bags are perfect for germinating seeds, starting cuttings, and promoting early plant growth.
  • Superior Aeration: The bags are designed to provide excellent aeration, promoting oxygen flow to the roots for enhanced nutrient uptake.
  • Biodegradable Material: Made from biodegradable organic plant-based materials, the root riot bags are eco-friendly and suitable for organic gardening practices.
  • Convenient Pack: This pack includes 50 individual root riot bags, providing ample supply for multiple planting projects.

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