IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard White 1pt

IV Organic

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Iv Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard For Trees And Shrubs, (Such As Fruit & Nut Trees, Ornamental Trees, Roses & Shrubs). Used By Home Gardeners And Orchard Growers To Protect Tree Trunks And Branches From Sunburn (Summer), Sunscald (Winter), Repel Insects And Rodents. This Product Is Organic, Non-toxic & Environmentally Safer.

Key Benefits

  • Sunblock For Your Fruit Trees, Roses And Shrubs.
  • Protection From Sunburn (Summer) & Sunscald (Winter).
  • Repels Most Insects & Rodents.
  • Organic Patented Formula, Non-toxic.
  • Colors: White, Green & Brown.

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