Jobe's Flowering Plant Spikes, 50 Pack,2.2oz


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Easy Gardener manufactures and distributes over 200 products to top lawn and garden retailers in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Our product lines include landscape fabrics, shade fabrics, fertilizers, tree care products, landscape edging, sun screen fabrics, netting and plastic fencing. Keeping your flowering houseplants healthy and fertilized is easier than ever with Jobes Flowering Plant Food Spikes. Spikes provide a continuous supply of important nutrients right at the roots, where plants need it most. The premeasured, specially formulated spikes are simply inserted into the soil around your plant. Unlike liquids or granular, Jobes Flowering Plant Spikes eliminate mess, hazards and smells and cant wash through when you water.
  • Pre-measured spikes make for a fast, easy and mess-free fertilizing experience

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