Jobe's Organic All Purpose Plant Food Fertilizer Spikes with Biozome , 50 Pack , 8.81oz


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Obe's Organics All-purpose Fertilizer Spikes Give Gardeners A Fuss-free, Environmentally Friendly Option For Healthy And Beautiful Plants. These Organic Fertilizer Spikes, Specially Formulated As All-purpose, Help Build A Nourishing Environment That Promotes Beneficial Microbial Action Where Plants Need It Most - At The Roots. This "In-the-ground" Feeding Is The Most Efficient Delivery System For Organics. The Premeasured Spikes Make For A Fast, Easy And Mess-free Fertilizing Experience. For Best Results, Use Jobe's Organics All-purpose Spikes At Time Of Planting Or Early In The Season.

Key Benefits

  • Formulated With An All-natural Mix Of Feather Meal, Bone Meal And Sulfate Of Potash, Jobe's Organics All-purpose Fertilizer Spikes Are Pre-measured To Provide Plants With Nourishment At Their Roots.
  • Omri™ Listed For Organic Gardening.
  • No Mixing Or Measuring.
  • Continuously Feeds At The Roots.
  • Low Odor Formula.
  • Feeds For 8 Weeks.

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