Jobe's Organics® Fruit & Citrus Granular Fertilizer 3-5-5, 4 lb

Jobe's Organics

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Jobe's Organics® Fruit & Citrus Granular Fertilizer 3-5-5 is a premium and organic fertilizer specially formulated to provide essential nutrients to fruit and citrus plants. This 4 lb bag contains a balanced blend of nutrients, including nitrogen (3%), phosphorus (5%), and potassium (5%), which promotes healthy growth, vibrant blooms, and abundant fruit production. The granular form of the fertilizer makes it easy to apply and ensures even distribution around the plant's root zone.

Key Benefits:

  • Premium and organic fertilizer for fruit and citrus plants.
  • Formulated with a balanced blend of nutrients (3-5-5) to support plant growth.
  • Enhances fruit production and improves overall plant health.
  • Granular form for easy application and even distribution.
  • Provides long-lasting nutrition for up to 8 weeks.

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