Lucas Oil Products Slick Mist Auto Wax 24 oz


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Lucas Oil Slick Mist Is A Polymer Paint Gloss Intensifier, Which Can Be Used On Other Surfaces Such As Glass, Chrome And Vinyl Decals. Use Slick Mist As A Traditional Wax, Quick Detail Spray Or Spray It On Your Vehicle Between Rinsing And Drying For The Easiest Polish Job Ever. That's Right! Just Spray It On A Wet Or Dry Surface And Wipe It Off. Slick Mist Out Performs The Competition And Will Leave Your Finish Slicker And Shinier Than Any Product On The Market, With Long Lasting Protection. You And Slick Mist Can Give Any Machine An Extreme Gloss Fast.

Key Benefits

  • Lucas, 24 Ounce, Slick Mist Speed Wax, A Polymer Paint Gloss Intensifier, Can Be Used On Other Surfaces Such As Glass, Chrome & Vinyl Decals, A Traditional Wax.
  • Adds Extra Shine To Your Product.
  • Premium Paint Gloss Intensifier.
  • Great For Cars, Trucks, Boats And Airplanes.
  • Shines And Protects In One Easy Application.
  • Excellent Results On Chrome, Glass And Vinyl Decals.
  • Use On Wet Or Dry Surfaces, Quick And Easy.

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