Marathon Lawn Grass Seed Can 1lb


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100% improved tall fescue. Easy care. Slightly coarser, more fibrous than bluegrass. Most rapid growing, rugged and durable of the Marathon family. Stays green year-round and adapts well to a variety of Southern California climates and soils. Pennington Barrel Tub Heartwood 14.75inx23in These barrel tubs filled with colorful flowers or plants will add beauty to any window or patio. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Size: 14.75"H x 23"Dia.
  • Marathon Grass Seed Can 1lb 100% improved tall fescue
  • Easy to care
  • Slightly coarser, more fibrous than bluegrass
  • Primary selection criteria were dark color, dense crown, disease resistance and fine leaf texture
  • The two varieties complement one another in physical characteristics, and the blend eliminates
  • This product weighs 1lb

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