Milorganite All Purpose Non-Burning Fertilizer 6-4-0 5lb Bag


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Milorganite Is An All-purpose, Slow-release Nitrogen Fertilizer Composed Of Heat. Dried Microbes That Have Digested The Organic Matter In Wastewater. It Can Be Used On Lawns, Shrubs, Trees,. Flowers, Vegetables And As A Seed Carrier. Milorganite Releases Its Nutrients Slowly And Feeds. Plants And Soil On A Constant Basis Resulting In Uniform Growth And Well-established Root Systems.

Key Benefits

  • Garden Care Organic Fertilizer.
  • Contains All 15 Growth Elements Needed To Produce Vigorous, Healthy Turf.
  • Golf Courses Use Any Time Of Year Because It Is So Safe.
  • Does Not Dehydrate Tender Grass Plants.
  • Deep Green With 4 Percent Iron.

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